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Natalie Portman

Real Name: Natalie Hershlag

Natalie Hershlag, who adopted her paternal grandmother’s maiden name of Portman for her stage name, graduated from Syosset High School in 1999. 

Known for her role Padme (Queen Amidala) in the famous Star Wars prequel trilogy, Natalie began filming the first movie installment in 1997 just after graduating from her Sophomore year. The film came out in 1999 her senior year in high school.

Yearbook Junior Nat
Yearbook Junior Nat Profile
Yearbook Sophmore Nat

Above: Junior Natalie and Sophomore Natalie. 

Below: Natalie’s Sophomore class picture and pictures from her playing the role of Padme shortly after graduating as a Sophomore going into Junior year. 

Yearbook Sophmore Natalie
Yearbook NatalieP Profile2 103
Yearbook NatalieP Profile2 100