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Our story

With my twenty year class reunion approaching I decided to post in our reunion Facebook group a copy of our senior yearbook. My thought was it would be easier to tag and find people if their last names had changed. A classmate who had lost all four yearbooks in a fire asked if I had the other three, which I gladly got for him and posted online. I then got a couple requests from upper and lower classmates for years they attended school. 

More requests came pouring in, now from other schools. The next logical step was to facilitate a website with all the yearbooks for everyone to be able to access free of charge.  The website continues to grow and traffic increasing. approaching 400 yearbooks and 65,000+ images.  This is my effort to preserve our history and memories for generations to come. – Brian 

Our Founders

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Brian is a 2002 graduate of Aberdeen High School.

Brian is a professional nerd and a great resource if you have questions about websites, WordPress, hosting, Web Servers, ecommerce… etc. He works at as a Server Administrator.  

Brian also obtained his Computer Programming degree from South Puget Sound Community College. 

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Leslie is a 2002 graduate of Montesano High School. 

She met Brian in 2002 and began dating. They have been married for 15 years. 

Leslie is a Registered Dental Hygienist and tolerates Brian’s non-revenue producing hobbies such as We are grateful for her support and this was totally written by Brian.