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1982 Middletown High School Yearbook

Middletown High School is a public high school located on Aquidneck Island in Rhode Island, United States. A part of Middletown Public Schools, it serves approximately 730 students from 9th through 12th grade and was established in 1961. 

Students attending Middletown High School have a variety of classes available to them, ranging from career oriented classes such as Healthcare Science to advanced science and classes such as AP Chemistry, AP Biology and AP Calculus. There are also many options for students interested in humanities – MHS offers French and Spanish classes from entry level to Advanced Placement level as well as entry level and AP level history and English courses. MHS does not impose any prerequisites upon students, thus allowing any student wishing to challenge themselves the opportunity to do so. Despite lacking official prerequisites, students are often heavily discouraged from taking classes in an order that deviates from the standard.

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